Crawfish Relay Registration Page

Racer Pricing

The entry fee for each cycling or running team is $100 per participant (i.e. 12-person running team = $1,200, 6-person running or cycling team = $600 etc…) + Processing fee. 

We accept checks & money orders.  Please make them out to Sports Career Mentors Int. LLC.

Mail to :


26 Ponderosa Avd

Mentheun, MA 01844

Please email us Team name and date check/money order mailed.  Date and time of email sent will be used to validate discount period, it must be sent within discount period to get discount.  Payment must be recieved within 10 business days of that date.

Once your team registration is paid, you will receive an email requesting additional details on your team (Roster, Class Validation, Shirt Sizes, etc...).  Thank you!!

Current List of "Single Runners & Cyclist"

Runners & Cyclist Looking to Join a Team


If you want to be added to this list, please email and let us know:


Captains of teams will be going thru this list and be calling all "single runners & cyclist" to see if you may want to join their team.

We will then put you on this page so that teams can find singles and fill their roster spots :)

Single runners will ALWAYS get picked up by teams!!!

Once a runner is picked up by a team, they will be taken off this list or marked as TAKEN.    (If you are a single runner/cyclist and get picked up, please email us so we can remove you from the list so you wont get bugged by others :)

2019 Single Runner/Cyclist


This list is current as of - 8/20/18

No runners y